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Thursday 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm Classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome. During the classes the teacher will explain how to meditate on various virtuous objects that will make the mind calm and peaceful; and how to use the insights gained to overcome our daily problems. The class runs for an hour and a half. Classes include 2 guided meditations, short talk and discussion. The classes are self-contained so you can drop in any week. There is also no need to book. Please note the centre is a registered charity and class fees cover only the running costs. Neither the teacher nor assistant receive any payment. £6 per class (full-time students by donation). Or pay for each term in advance using credit card/Paypal account and save £1 on each class (i.e. £5 per class).

Term 1. Make Life Better 22 Jan - 12 Feb (4 weeks) Course £15 or £6/class
A 4 week course designed for beginners to start a personalised meditation practice. Gain the ability to reduce modern daily problems such a stress and worry and find inner contentment. The first class is a free public talk. (based on the Living Meditation Series)
1. Why Meditation Makes You Happy? (free public talk). Meditation is simple and can be practised in normal daily life. Anyone can benefit from as little as 10 mins each day. The benefits include a peaceful mind, contentment, positive thinking, strong mindfulness and more loving relationships. Learn the basics of daily meditation starting with breathing meditations to sooth your mental anxiety.
2. Relax, Let go and Enjoy. Learn techniques to relax the body and mind, overcome distracting disturbing thoughts and enjoy inner peace. These simple preliminary practises will help you cope with the stresses of busy daily life.
3. Create a Clear Mind. Meditation is a science of the mind. If we begin to understand the nature and function of the mind we can use this experience to transform our day to day life, solve problems and be more positive.
4. Create a Loving Heart. What is the most important cause of a happy life? The more we care and cherish others the happier we will become. Our mind has incredible loving potential we just need to apply the methods to unlock this hidden potential and bring countless benefits to your self and others.

Term 2 Love and Self Confidence 26 Feb - 12 April (7 weeks) Course £35 or £6/class
A really positive 7 week course to give you the tools and knowledge to uplift your mind and bring joy and confidence to your life. Discover the innate potential of your mind to develop lasting inner peace that will bring benefit to your self and others (based on Learning to Cherish Others and How to Enhance our Cherish Love in How to Transform Your Life)

1. The Confidence to Change

By gaining an understanding of the mind we will gain confidence in our potential for unlimited love and confidence. To love others requires confidence but also confidence arises from seeing the best in others. We need to let go of the faults and limitations we normally see in ourself and others and instead identify with our real potential. Loving others is not difficult, it just requires us to make a confident decision to do so.

2. Seeing Kindness in Others Actions

Contemplating the innumerable ways in which others help us we will make a firm decision to cherish them because they are so kind to me. Based on this determination we can easily and naturally develop a feeling of love - a sense that all living beings are important.

3. The Power of Love

Inspire your self to cherish others more deeply by contemplating the innumerable benefits this mind will bring such as inner peace and good fortune. Developing deep faith in the power of love will inspire us to apply greater effort to generating the determination to cherish others.

4. Self Awareness

The reason we find it hard to love others is that we exaggerate our own good qualities and others faults. As a result we have an over inflated view of ourself and a disrespectful view of others. We need to recognise we are doing this and learn to adopt a more positive and realistic view.

5. Why we Need Others?

For someone striving for lasting happiness others are more precious than material possessions, praise, or any other worldly attainment. Understanding this we will naturally regard everyone as supremely important.

6. Why it is not their Fault

The faults we see in the world are the faults of delusions not people. Understanding this will give us the freedom to cherish them even when they are behaving badly.

7. Developing Humility

Humility has many good qualities. A proud person on the other hand cannot learn from others and will experience many problems in life. In particular they will always lack self confidence because they will never be able to satisfy the unrealistic demands of their self cherishing mind.

Classes are free to Class Card Holders. See Membership Fees
10 Jan Cultivate Love (special class to bring in the New Year)

17 jan Cultivate Compassion (special class)

Make Life Better

24 Jan  Why Meditation Makes You Happy (free public talk) 

31 Jan  Relax, Let Go and Enjoy

7 Feb Create a Clear Mind

14 Feb Create a Loving Heart

Pay for whole course and save money
Love and Self Confidence

28 Feb  The Confidence to Change

7 Mar  Seeing Kindness in Others Actions

14 Mar The Power of Love

21 Mar Self Awareness

28 Mar Why We Need Others

4 Apr Why it is Not Their Fault

11 Apr Developing Humility

Pay for whole course and save money
Sarah Filmer

Sarah Filmer

Branch Teacher

The teacher of our branch class in Wirksworth is Sarah Filmer. She has been studying and practising meditation for over 20 years and is well liked for her light and joyful style.

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