Saturday morning in-depth series: “What is Karma?”

On this series of Saturday morning courses we will be focusing on the important and central topic to Buddhism of Karma, looking at what the ‘law of karma’ refers to and how we can use it to change our lives and our world.

What’s karma got do to with it?

Saturday 23rd September; 10am to 1pm

The world we live in depends on our intentions, or mental actions. “Karma” is the Sanskrit word for “action”. Karma generally speaking is the law of cause and effect in which all our actions are causes and all our experiences their effects.

Positive actions sow the seeds for positive experiences; negative actions sow the seeds for suffering experiences. Seeds take time to ripen, but what we put into the world is what, sooner or later, we get out of it.

On this course Gen Osung will introduce this important topic and to how we can begin to use this knowledge to the advantage of ourself and others.

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Gen Kelsang Osung

Gen Kelsang Osung

Resident Teacher

Gen Osung is the Resident Teacher at Heart Jewel Centre.

She has been studying under the guidance of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for 25 years and ordained for 15 years. As a mother and a modern Buddhist nun, she is loved for her joyful and inspiring presentation of Buddhas teachings, clearly close to her heart.

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