Here is a selection of videos you will find helpful – introducing various topics for those new to meditation and Buddhism


The Benefits of Meditation

Easy guide to the numerous benefits to meditation everyone can experience through a little effort.

Improving Relationships with Others

Beautiful advise for those interested in finding out why problems arise in relationships and how we can solve them.

How to be Happy

How to use Buddhist meditation to increase the causes of happiness in our mind

Practising Contentment

How to use Buddhist meditation to increase inner contentment and find satisfaction in everyday life

Kadampa Way of Life

Highly recommended for beautiful advice on how to integrate Dharma practice into normal daily life. Hours of enjoyment guaranteed.

How to be Positive

If we came keep a positive attitude then our life will be free from problems and we shall be able to benefit others

Solving Our Daily Porblems

How to solve our daily problems is possible once we have clearly identified what they are and why they arise.