The Power of Prayer

A half day meditation workshop exploring the power of prayer – in-person or online

Everyone can pray! Faith isn’t something we have or don’t have – it can be developed by anyone. Prayer is incredibly effective for transforming our state of mind. It turns our attention to something positive, holy and uplifting, and has the power to shift us out of our worry and frenzied concerns.

In these uncertain times we want more than ever to be able to take refuge in something that can really benefit. The essence of Buddhist prayer is turning our mind with faith to holy objects of refuge, and making requests to them to help us become free from suffering. So in essence – turning fear into faith and replacing worry with prayer.

Prayers strengthen our connection to holy beings, and the stronger that connection the better able we are to face adversity with wisdom, courage and strength. 

Prayer helps us generate powerful, virtuous energy in our mind; turning our mind to the holy with faith makes our mind clean and pure; and they connect us to holy beings so that we receive inspiring energy and blessings into our mind.

With guided meditations on ‘The Liberating Prayer’.


Everyone is welcome!

Date, Time, Venue & Cost

Date: Saturday 30th October

Time: 10am – 1pm

Venue: Heart Jewel Centre, Holme Rd, Matlock Bath, DE4 3NU

Cost: £15


You can purchase a centre card which this also gives  access to evening classes & day courses and retreats.

Gen Kelsang Osung

Gen Kelsang Osung

Resident Teacher

Gen Osung is the Resident Teacher at Heart Jewel Centre.

She has been studying under the guidance of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for 25 years and ordained for 15 years. As a mother and a modern Buddhist nun, she is loved for her joyful and inspiring presentation of Buddhas teachings, clearly close to her heart.