January 2019 Guided Weekend Retreat 

A Short Journey to Stillness Sat 5 – 6 January

Learn how to transform daily life using the power of a peaceful mind. Over 2 days of guided retreat we will practise meditations that produce a still and peaceful mind. You will also receive advice on how to use mindfulness and other techniques to keep this peaceful mind throughout the day. Each day will include 4 sessions, all suitable for beginners. Don’t worry if you miss any because each session is self contained. Please book in advance though.

Everyone is welcome. The retreat fee is £3/session or £10/day or £20/whole retreat. Please inform the centre in advance which sessions you can attend. You can pay on the day or purchase a daily ticket using paypal below.

Session times

Session1 10.00  – 11.00 

Session 2 12.00 – 13. 00

Session 3 15.00 – 16.00

Session 4 17.00 – 18.00

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