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By developing and maintaining compassion and wisdom in daily life, we can transform our lives, improve relationships and look behind the ordinary appearances of this life. In this way we can solve all our daily problems and find lasting inner peace.

Receive the essential teachings of Modern Buddhism based on the books and Festival teachings by the renowned meditation teacher, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Each event will include a guided meditation and practical advice on how to integrate the teachings into daily life. They are usually suitable for everyone. 

You can down load a free copy of the book Modern Buddhism at http://www.emodernbuddhism.com/

Suitable for complete beginners, these events will combine guided meditation with practical spiritual advice that you can apply immediately to your daily life to solve problems and find a deeper happiness.

Everyone is welcome.  You do not need to be a Buddhist to attend the classes, or to benefit from the techniques taught.


The general structure of each event:

  • Practical teachings on meditation and aspects of positive thinking (approx. 30 – 40 mins)
  • Guided meditations including relaxation (approximately 25 mins)
  • Advise on how to put the teachings into practise in daily life.
  • time for discussion

All our events are now live streamed using Zoom with 3-day catch up for those who cannot participate live or who want to view the class again.

The teaching is given at the Centre in Matlock Bath. Up to 5 people can attend the class in person but this is by appointment only.

Please pay in advance using the paypal button (credit cards accepted) or pay for a Centre Gold Card and get access to all our classes and events for £40/month – see Membership Fees

With a Gold Centre card life is easier because there is no need to register for classes or events , links will be sent to you automatically.


On the day of the class we will send you an email with a link to the session.

We will be using the software ZOOM to broadcast the meeting. It is best to download the app Zoom to your computer or phone from the internet. It is free and easy to register your account. 

When you click on the link we have sent you it will automatically open the session for you. Please check that your audio microphone is switched on. If you need to contact us during the session please use the CHAT function within ZOOM.

In summary:

– Pay & Sign up for classes well in advance

– Make sure you have ZOOM on your computer/phone

– Arrange a quiet place at home for the livestream meditation class

– Click on the link we send you 15 min before the start

– Get comfy if you can, loose fitting clothes are best for meditation

– Have a pen and paper handy for notes and writing down questions

On 4th July the Centre was reopened for classes and study programmes (maximum 5 people). If you wish to attend a teaching in person rather than via zoom please contact the Centre before hand to register for a place. Only come if you receive a confirmation by email. Also please read our Covid-19 Guidance for Visitors before attending.

To register please pay in full using the Paypal Button. Payments by Paypal and Credit Card are accepted. We will automatically receive details of your payment with your email address. We will use this contact address to forward your link for the teaching.

Alternatively you can purchase a Centre Gold Card for £40/month (you can cancel anytime) which gives you free access for all classes and events. With a Centre card you will automatically receive a link for the event so no need to book.  For details on Centre Cards please go to https://heartjewel.org.uk/membership-fees/

Special Weekend Course

Living Meaningfully – Cultivating Inner Wealth

Saturday & Sunday

9 am, 11 am and 3 pm £20/day

Living Meaningfully – Cultivating Inner Wealth. Special Weekend Course with Samudra Centre.

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September. External wealth is deceptive because it can’t give us what we want, which is lasting inner peace. To make our life really meaningful and productive we need to devote our life to cultivating the inner wealth of virtue that brings future happiness and benefits others.

£20 per day.  Free to Gold Card Holders only. 

Classes at 9 am; 11 am and  3 pm


ticket options

Pay by Monthly Centre Card

Save time and money. For as little as £40/month you will automatically be sent links for all our classes, events and recordings. No need to book.

Special Day Course

The Refuge Vows

Saturday 17 October

10 am and 3 pm £15

The Refuge Vows. Special Day Course.

Saturday 17th October.

Real refuge is inner protection from suffering that is attained by removing the causes of suffering from our mind permanently. Our determination to attain Liberation is at the heart of Buddhist practice. By taking the Refuge Vows we are promising to go for refuge to the actual objects of refuge, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, until we attain enlightenment. We will be using the Mahayana Refuge Ceremony and Bodhisattva Vow Ceremony – Booklet. You can purchase a copy at https://tharpa.com/uk/store/prayers.html.

 10.30 am (teaching) and 2 pm (Refuge Vows)  £15 Free to Gold Card Holders only.

Pay by Monthly Centre Card

Save time and money. For as little as £40/month you will automatically be sent links for all our classes, events and recordings. No need to book.

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