Heart Jewel Centre, Holme Road, Matlock Bath DE4 3NU

Fridays 10.30 – 12.00 pm

Classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome. During the classes the teacher will explain how to meditate on various virtuous objects that will make the mind calm and peaceful; and how to use the insights gained to overcome our daily problems.

The class runs for an hour and a half. The teacher for this class is Gen Kelsang Chodor, the resident teacher at Heart Jewel Centre. Classes include 2 guided meditations, short talk and discussion.

The classes are self-contained so you can drop in any week. There is also no need to book.

Please note the centre is a registered charity and class fees cover only the running costs. Neither the teacher nor assistant receive any payment.

£6 per class (full-time students by donation). Or pay for each term in advance using credit card/Paypal account and save £1 on each class (i.e. £5 per class).

Term 3 All in the Mind. 30 April - 24 May (4 Weeks) Course £20 or £6/class A short 4 week course to enable you to identify some of the mental habits that are making us unhappy and how to start to reverse them using the power of focused meditation and mindfulness. (based on How to Understand the Mind)

1. Feelings
Our feelings determine whether we have a good or bad life. Unfortunately our feelings can induce unhappy minds such as attachment and anger. With practise and understanding however we can learn to use our feelings to induce positive thoughts and actions.

2. Discriminations
Our discriminations will determine whether something is meaningful or meaningless. If we want to have a peaceful time we must learn to discriminate in positive ways that induce good feelings and actions.

3. Intentions
There are many intentions we develop in life. Learn how to distinguish intentions that lead to good fortune and happiness in the future and those that do not.

4. Attention
If we don’t learn to control our inappropriate attention and wandering we can exaggerate our experiences and create many difficulties and problems for ourself and others.

Term 4 Caring for Our Spiritual Needs 4 June - 19 July (7 Weeks) Course £35 or £6/class. In our life we need to avoid the extreme of materialism but also be careful to avoid the extreme of spirituality. In this course you will begin to understand how we can satisfy all our needs and live a full and meaningful life. (based on A Daily Practice in How to Transform Your Life)

1. Practise the Middle Way
When we look closely we will see signs that we are not paying enough attention to our spiritual needs. Learn why it is vital to practise the middle way and avoid the extremes of materialism and spirituality.

2. Know What’s Missing?
Most of us have asked our self what’s missing in my life? Buddha has encouraged us to understand the answer to this question by looking inside. If we apply effort to improving the good qualities of our mind we will find the contentment we have been wishing for.

3. Include Meditation
Meditation is a scientific method to increase the peaceful qualities of our mind. Eventually we will be able to create a lasting sense of happiness and contentment. Understand why meditation works and how we can start and maintain a regular meditation practice.

4. Let Go of Your Craving
Most of us are looking for happiness outside our self. But no matter how long we search for happiness there we will be disappointed because happiness exits in the mind. Learn how we can relate to external objects in a positive way and give up our unrealistic expectations.

5. Cherish Others.
Real love can never cause us problems. If we can learn to love everyone there will be no basis for any problems to arise because our mind will always be at peace. Love is the real protection against suffering and brings real fulfillment. Cherishing others will cause us to act more compassionately and be considerate of others needs and wishes.

6. Be Faithful
Faith is a naturally peaceful mind that overcomes the perception of faults in spiritual objects that we need to include in our daily life such as the existence of future lives, pure minds and pure beings. Without faith everything becomes mundane and ordinary. Learn how to develop this pure heart and see the things that really matter.

7. Refrain from Harmful Habits
Consideration for our self and others is very important for everyone. Applying energy to opposing our faults and bad habits will give us the power and space to progress and become a spiritual being.


All in the Mind

 3 May  Feelings

 10 May  Discriminations

 17 May Intentions

 24 May Attention


Pay for whole course and save money

All in The Mind


Caring for Our Spiritual Needs

7 June  Practise the Middle Way

14 June  Know What’s Missing?

21 June Include Meditation

28 June Let Go of Your Craving

5 July Cherish Others

12 July Be Faithful

19 July Refrain from Harmful Habits

Pay for whole course and save money

Caring For Our Spiritual Needs

Classes are free to Class Card Holders. See Membership Fees
The Teacher Kelsang Chodor
The teacher of this class is Kelsang Chodor. He has been resident teacher at Heart Jewel centre for over three years. As a close disciple of Gehse Kelsang for nearly 20 years, and an ordained monk for 10 years he has a wealth of experience and understanding to share. His goal is to make all the teachings available in a practical way so that people can integrate them into their daily lives.

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