Increase Confidence in an Uncertain World

When we experience unwanted situations or find it difficult to fulfill our desires, or see others fulfilling their’s we can develop bad feelings and unhappiness. Eventually we can experience depression and low self-esteem and confidence.

In these degenerate times there are many things that can make us feel discouraged and give up hope of fulfilling our wishes.

If we want to be free from these inner problems we need to learn new ways of viewing and responding to our difficulties and others good fortune.

Confidence is like armour that protects is from our inner ememies such as discouragement and depression. It will prevent us being overwhelmed or depressed by the difficulties we encounter.

At Heart Jewel Centre we teach many methods for increasing self-confidence. You can learn methods to prevent your negative thought habits from focusing on your problems in a way that destroys your self-confidence. You can also learn positive qualities that boost confidence such as non-attachment, rejoicing, compassion and wisdom.