Healing Body and Mind

Natural ways to healing sickness of body and mind

What are the causes of sickness?

In Buddhism we use meditation for healing body and mind. Buddha taught that the main causes of disease and sickness are found in the mind. Problems arise from negative karmic potentials in the mind created by past negative actions. In addition many of the problems we experience, including ill-health are initiated or aggravated by stress and tension in the mind. By learning to purify our mind and reduce stress in our lives we can heal body and mind and prevent illness manifesting. What’s more any sickness that does occur can become easier to deal with and heal if we react with a peaceful and happy mind.

How can Lamrim meditation heal body and mind?

Meditation functions to increase mental peace and free ourselves from the tension and stresses of daily life. This inner peace will help free us from many of the problems of stress such as ill-health. Even 15 minutes of breathing meditation can significantly improve well-being.

Other practices such as mindfulness and positive thinking will help us deal with the difficulties of daily life with a patient and accepting mind, and prevent us becoming agitated and angry when unpleasant things occur. Anger and depression are common unwanted responses to ill-health that can prevent healing and cause the continuation of our sickness.

We can also use meditation to purify the karmic potentials in our mind that cause and maintain ill-health. In the Lamrim teachings, a meditation called Taking and Giving is a supreme method for purifying even the heaviest disease. Our motivation for this practice is the supreme mind of compassion, wishing to take away the suffering of others.

Buddha’s teachings on the true nature of the self is the ultimate method to free our self from pain and discomfort. If we can learn to stop identifying with the painful feelings in our mind and instead maintain a peaceful and positive mind our sickness will not be a problem for us. We can see from this the best way for healing body and mind is to practice meditation.

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