Special Announcement – Heart Jewel Centre – CLOSED

Due to the current Government advice on the risks of Covid-19 we will close to the public from 10pm on Sunday 15 March until further notice. All branch classes are also cancelled.

Those who have booked upcoming courses will be contacted directly.

We are working on streaming our General Programme classes, more information to follow. Please subscribe to our mailing list, or check our social media platforms for updates.

We have taken this decision to safeguard our visitors, and extended and residential community; and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Coach House Studios, Crown Yard, Market Place DE4 4ET


Thursday 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm Classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome. During the classes the teacher will explain how to meditate on various virtuous objects that will make the mind calm and peaceful; and how to use the insights gained to overcome our daily problems. The class runs for an hour and a half. Classes include 2 guided meditations, short talk and discussion.

The classes are self-contained so you can drop in any week. There is also no need to book. Please note the centre is a registered charity and class fees cover only the running costs. Neither the teacher nor assistant receive any payment.

£6 per class (full-time students by donation). Or pay for each term in advance using credit card/Paypal account and save £1 on each class (i.e. £5 per class).

A short set of 4 classes to help you understand the basics of meditation and why it is so beneficial for you and your family. Meditation is an easy method for solving daily problems through making the mind peaceful. When our mind is peaceful we are always happy. This will give us the capacity to cope with the normal problems of daily life.

1. Free Public Talk - What is Meditation?
Learn about the different types of meditation and how they make you happy and positive

2. Meditations for Relaxation.
Two guided meditations using the breath to help you relax your body and mind. Including tips for successful meditation.

3. Meditations for a Clear Mind.
Learn how to overcome our busy distracting thoughts and experience the peace of a clear mind.

4. Meditations for a Kind Heart.
Discover the healing power of love to make the mind happy and positive. Having a kind heart will also ensure your meditation practice will benefit others.

Avoiding inner stress is vital for our happiness and well-being. Stress causes us to become tired,  negative, and irritable and contrary to popular belief it is an obstacle to getting things done. In these classes you will learn how to use a simple three step method to help you stress less.

1. Free Public Talk - Recognising the Problem.
What is stress and how does it impact on our mental and physical health? Overcoming our normal negative thinking that induces stress starts with an understanding of its harmful effects (free public talk)

2. Building Resilience.
Building a peaceful mind through daily meditation practice will give you the capacity to cope with the challenges of daily life without becoming stressed and unhappy. This can start with a short daily breathing meditation in the mornings together with simple positive affirmations.

3. Changing our Aspirations.
Try to identify the 2 types of aspirations in our mind and work to reduce the one that gives rise to uncontrolled desire and inner problems such as stress.

4. Catching Your Thoughts.
A simple three step method to stress less starts with catching the negative thoughts and feelings as they start to arise. Learn the capacity to watch your thoughts and feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them.

5. Challenging Your Thoughts.
Stress is based on some common unrealistic views and attitudes that need to be challenged when we notice our mind becoming agitated.

6. Transforming Adversity.
With training we can transform adverse situations into positive states of mind such as non-attachment and compassion. In this way we can ultimately benefit when things go wrong.

Classes are free to Class Card Holders. See Membership Fees

Classes Will Recommence in Wirksworth on 27th February

Classes at our other venues will resume during Week Commencing 20th January

How to Stress Less

27 Feb Recognising the Problem

5 Mar Building Resilience

12 Mar Changing our Aspirations

19 Mar Catching Your Thoughts

26 Mar Challenging Your Thoughts

2 Apr Transforming Adversity

Pay for whole course and save money

How to Stress Less

Classes are free to Class Card Holders. See Membership Fees

The Teacher Kelsang Chodor

Sarah Filmer

Branch Teacher

The teacher of our branch class in Wirksworth is Sarah Filmer. She has been studying and practising meditation for over 20 years and is well liked for her light and joyful style.

Crown House Studios

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