The Path to Enlightenment 

A focussed daily practice 

Monday 10th – Sunday 23rd January, 8am (or online, daily, at a time that suits you)


January is traditionally retreat month. So although many of us are still working we can use this time to dedicate a bit more time and focus a little more deeply on our meditation practice. 

From Monday 10th – Sunday 23rd January we will host a daily practice session, with Heart Jewel prayers and a guided meditation taking us through the whole Lamrim cycle as presented in How To Understand Your Mind – 14 meditations on the stages of the path to enlightenment.

The daily practice class can be accessed in person at Heart Jewel Centre, live online or as a catch up class for each day, so that you can set a regular daily slot for you that works within your schedule. In this way we can all get some focused meditation time even within our daily routine and impute ‘retreat’ upon that!!

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Jan 10-23rd 8-9am (or as catch up at a daily time that suits your schedule)

£15 for whole retreat | free for all card holders

(If accessing on line Heart Jewel Prayer booklet can be downloaded here –


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