The Power of Love

We have great expectations of our friends, hoping they will be a source of true happiness. We hope to find a permanent, harmonious and satisfying relationship, but somehow it never works out. Inevitably they will cause us problems from time to time. These problems are perfect opportunities for us to get angry and discontented.

A couple may genuinely love one another, but if they frequently get angry with each other, the times when they are happy together will become fewer and further between. Like a flower choked by weeds, love cannot survive in such circumstances.

Inevitably we get unhappy, stressed and angry when life is not going the way we want it to. When we become unhappy we often inadvertently cause our close friends problems, and in this way make them angry and discontented.

All our problems – our unpleasant feelings – come from the delusion of attachment or uncontrolled desire. When ever we lose our friends, job, status or reputation and so forth, we experience pain and many difficulties. This is because of our strong mental attachment to these things. If we had no such attachment, there would be no basis for experiencing suffering at their loss.

We have strong attachment to the fulfillment of our own wishes and when these wishes are not fulfilled we experience unpleasant feelings. Due to strong attachment to our own views, we immediately experience the inner problem of unpleasant feelings when someone opposes them. This causes us to become angry, which leads to arguments and conflicts with others.

Attachment is an unrealsitc way of viewing other people, based on the desire for our own happiness. Pure love however is unmixed with attachment and stems entirely from a concern for other’s happiness. It never gives rise to problems but only peace and happiness. At Heart Jewel Centre we teach many methods for recognizing, reducing and finally abandoning these attachments in our mind. By putting these methods into practice we can gradually remove all traces of attachment from our relationships and improve our love until it becomes pure.