How to Connect With Your Spiritual Guide Sat 4 May 10.00 – 1.00 pm £15

We all like the idea of living a spiritual life rather than following our innate worldly desires. A spiritual life however arises and is sustained by reliance on a qualified spiritual guide who can lead us to where ever we want to go. Learning how to connect with him or her throughout our life, as we work, rest and play is at the heart of our spiritual life.


Benefits of attending: Learn to identify the nature and function of a spiritual guide; begin to see our true potential; practise methods that can connect us to our spiritual guide during daily life; feel inspired and uplifted by enlightened blessings every day; boost the power and function of your meditation practice; build an enduring relationship that will bring meaning to this life and all your future lives.

Teacher: This event will be taught by our resident teacher, Gen Chodor who has been practising and teaching for over 25 years. The event will include teachings and guided meditations, light refreshments and the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

Please book and pay on-line using the button below. If you cancel up 24 hours before the course is scheduled to begin we will refund all but 25% non-refundable deposit. If cancelled on the day or after the event no refund will be given.

This event is free to Gold Centre Card holders (please select the appropriate option on the booking page). 

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