A Pure Mind – The Blessing Empowerment Of Buddha Vajrasattva

Sunday 5th November, 10.30am – 4pm

With Gen Kelsang Osung

Buddha Vajrasattva is the manifestation of the completely pure mind of all the Buddhas. This empowerment is a beautiful blessing ceremony and guided meditation where we make a special connection with Buddha Vajrasattva, and receive the healing balm of his purifying blessings into our mind.

In the afternoon Gen Osung will give commentary to the practice of meditation and mantra recitation of Buddha Vajrasattva as a powerful method for purifying the negativity in our mind that gives rise to our suffering, and for accomplishing complete purity.

Everybody is welcome to join this special event

What is an Empowerment: An empowerment is a blissful guided meditation through which we make a special, heart-felt connection with a particular Buddha and receive their special blessings and inspiration.

Vajrasattva is the purified consciousness of all the Buddhas. His special function is to purify our minds. By relying sincerely on Buddha Vajrasattva we can purify ourselves and become a completely pure being, just like Buddha Vajrasattva. When we have completely purified our mind there will be no further basis for us to experience any kind of pain or suffering.

Arrival and registraion 10:30am
Blessing Empowerment 11am – 1pm
Vegetarian Lunch 1pm – 2:30m
Commentary 2:30pm – 4pm

£30 including lunch

Places are limited so must be pre-booked

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