Benefiting Others

Just as the only way to solve our own problems is to find inner peace, so the only way to help others to solve theirs is to encourage them to engage in spiritual practice and discover their own inner peace. This way of benefiting others is by far the best.

Until now we have cherished ourself above all others, and for as long as we continue to do this our suffering will never end. However, if we learn to cherish all living beings more than ourself we shall soon enjoy the bliss of enlightenment.

Though we long to enjoy the ultimate bliss of full enlightenment, we do so solely for the sake of others, for attaining enlightenment is merely the means to fulfill our real wish, which is to bestow the same happiness on all living beings (Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in Transform Your Life)

typical street scene with many people who have a stressful life