More than Anger Management

Methods to control, reduce and finally abandon our anger

Anger is a painful mind that focuses on an unattractive obejct and wishes to harm it. However anger is an exaggerated or unrealistc mind because the faulty obejct it holds does not in fact exist, it is merely a creation of our own inappropriate attention.

Anger has no good qualities. Whenever we develop anger it immediately destroys our peace of mind and even our body becomes tense and uncomfortable. Anger makes it difficult to sleep and it makes it hard to enjoy our normal pleasures. One of the most destructive effects of anger is that it robs us of our reason and good sense, making it impossible to respond constructively to adversity.

At Heart Jewel Centre we teach methods to recognize, reduce and finally prevent it from arsing at all. First we need to recognize it in our own mind, where it comes from and understand how it harms both ourself and others. We then need to apply practical methods such as patience, love and compassion. Anger arises in responce to bad feelings in our mind. By investigating their nature and where they come from, we can learn to stop blaming circumstances and other people for the way we feel. This wisdom is the basis for patient acceptance.