A Closer Look at Death Sat 23 March 10.00 – 1.00 pm £15
Venue: Heart Jewel Centre

We tend to avoid thinking about the one thing that is certain; we will eventually die. If we challenge the conventional wisdom about death we can discover a new and liberating relationship based on the real truth. This will encourage us to live a positive and meaningful life now and overcome any fear when the time to depart comes.


Benefits of attending: Reduce your daily problems caused by attachment to the things of this life; increase your wisdom understanding the true meaning of life; increase your compassion for others; inspire your spiritual tendencies; provide a firm foundation for other virtuous qualities such as love and patience.

Teacher: This event will be taught by our resident teacher, Gen Chodor who has been practising and teaching for over 25 years. The event will include teachings and guided meditations, light refreshments and the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

Please book and pay in advance on-line using The “Book” button below. If you cancel up to the day before the course is scheduled to begin we will refund all but 25% non-refundable deposit. If cancelled on the day or after the event no refund will be given. This event is free to Gold Card holders (please Use the coupon code “CENTRECARD” at checkout). 

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