Modern Buddhism

Sundays 7pm – 8.30pm

Modern Kadampa Buddhism is a living tradition practised by people in all walks of life, bringing practical skills and wisdom into our daily lives. It is perfectly suited to our modern way of life, because it emphasizes how to integrate positive attitudes and intentions into our busy daily activities, showing that we can all be spiritual people without needing to change our external conditions.

By developing and maintaining compassion and wisdom in daily life, we can transform our lives, improve relationships and look behind the ordinary appearances of this life. In this way we can solve all our daily problems and find lasting inner peace.

In this inspiring series Gen. Chodor will explain the essential teachings of Modern Buddhism a book composed by the renowned meditation teacher, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Each class will include guided meditations and practical advice on how to integrate the teachings into daily life. They are suitable for everyone. These are drop in classes so there is no need to book. Cost is £6/class or £5/class if you pay for all 10 classes on-line in advance. (Classes are free to Centre Card Holders).

  1. What is Modern Buddhism? 9 Feb A short overview of the teachings in Modern Buddhism so that we understand the benefits we can expect to experience if we put them into practice.
  2. What is the Mind? 23 Feb An accurate understanding of the mind is the basis for understanding how the instructions will work and why we need to practise them.
  3. What is Meditation? 15 March Meditation is at the heart of Modern Buddhism. A short introduction to the nature and function of meditation, including tips on how to start a meditation practice at home.
  4. Meditations of Initial Scope. 29 March Meditations to encourage us to take the essence of our life and develop a sincere motivation to engage in spiritual practice. Powerful methods to reduce our attachment and negative feelings.
  5. Meditations of Intermediate Scope. 5 April Meditations of the path leading to permanent liberation from all our inner problems and the experience of lasting inner peace. Methods to solve our all our problems coming from uncontrolled desires, frustration and anger completely.
  6. Meditations of great scope 10 May. Meditations leading to the supreme happiness of enlightenment. Powerful methods to develop experiences of pure unconditional love and compassion.
  7. Meditations on Emptiness. 17 May Meditations to discover the true nature of reality, including our self. How to see behind the deceptive appearances of ordinary daily life so that we can begin to relate to everything in a more positive and lighter way.
  8. The Preciousness of Tantra. 7 June Meditations to purify our mind completely and thus experience a complete purity of world, self, enjoyments and activities. Also known as the quick path because these methods transform human enjoyments into blissful spiritual experiences.
  9. Tantra of Generation Stage. 14 June Creative meditations viewing our self as an enlightened being living in a pure land. These blissful meditations create the causes to experience future lives free from suffering.

10 Tantra of Completion Stage. 21 June Meditations using our most subtle and blissful mind of clear light that has the power to remove all our mental obstructions. Meditations that bring great meaning to our life and give us the power to benefit all living beings.


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