The Mirror of Dharma

14 March 10 – 3.15 pm (£25 inc lunch)

Heart Jewel Centre, Glenholme, Holme Road, Matlock Bath DE4 3NU

Inspiring heartfelt advice from the renowned meditation master, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, on how to engage successfully in daily meditation and spiritual practice. Based on the commentaries given in the Fall festival 2019, Gen. Chodor will explain how to contemplate and meditate on Buddha’s profound teachings, the Dharma, that possesses the power to protect us from all the problems of modern daily life.

If you cancel up to the day before the course is scheduled to begin we will refund all but 25% non-refundable deposit. If cancelled on the day or after the event no refund will be given.

This event is free to Gold Card holders (please choose the appropriate option on the booking page). 

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