How to Have a Happy New Year

Six classes with day by day practical advice on how to make the new year peaceful. 7.00 pm  – 8.30 pm

Heart Jewel Centre – Glenholme, Holme Road, Matlock Bath DE4 3NU

In January, Heart Jewel Centre is running a special series of 6 evening classes suitable for everyone. Encourage your self to have a less ordinary year by engaging in 6 simple daily practices to make the new year feel really exceptional. If we practice one of these each day of the week, then on the 7th day of the week we will be able to enjoy a peaceful mind and look back on the week as having been really meaningful. Gen. Chodor will explain things we should try to practise and things we should try to abandon each day to make the week enjoyable and peaceful. The classes will include guided meditations.  

Monday 6th  –  A Day of Kindness. Get joy from giving to others and make friends.

Tuesday 7th –  A Day to Count Your Blessings. Methods to stop worrying about what is going wrong and focus instead on the things to be grateful about.

Wednesday 8th –  A Day Being Humble. Reverse your normal  habits and think of others good qualities and acknowledge your own faults. This practice is the foundation for the mind of humility.

Monday 13th – A Day of Contentment.  A day to stop following our usual attachments and distractions and instead focus on the things that make the mind peaceful.

Tuesday 14th – A Day for the Future. Learn how concern for the future can bring peace and meaning to our daily life.

Wednesday 15th – A Day for Others. All the happiness in life comes from wishing others to be happy. Try to put this wish into practice and experience the benefits of cherishing others.


Teacher: This event will be taught by our resident teacher, Gen Chodor who has been practising and teaching for over 25 years. The event will include teachings and guided meditations, light refreshments and the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

No need to book in advance. Classes £6 each (Free to Centre Card Holders)

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