Old School House, Chapel Street, Belper DE56 1AR

Thursdays 7.00 – 8.30 pm

Classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome. During the classes the teacher will explain how to meditate on various virtuous objects that will make the mind calm and peaceful; and how to use the insights gained to overcome our daily problems.

The class runs for an hour and a half. The teacher for this class is Gen Kelsang Chodor, the resident teacher at Heart Jewel Centre. Classes include 2 guided meditations, short talk and discussion.

The classes are self-contained so you can drop in any week. There is also no need to book.

Please note the centre is a registered charity and class fees cover only the running costs. Neither the teacher nor assistant receive any payment.

£5 per class (full-time students free of charge).

Details of next classes

6 Steps to Positive Living - Everyone of us can improve their life by making just 6 changes that are guarenteed to increase the experience of positive feelings.

Week 1 Positive Living. What really matters? What has the power to make our life fulfilling and meaningful? An introduction to the power of meditation and mindfulness to increase happiness.

Week 2 Be Generous. Consistent research and experience has shown that generosity and actively giving to others is the best way to boost happiness. Learn how to cultivate the mind of generosity and explore the most effective and skillful ways to practice giving.

Week 3 Be Kind. We need to be kind to ourself and others by overcoming the power of our negative habits and creating good ones that bring benefit. This training involves the practice of midfulness in daily life.

Week 4 Be Courgaeous. We all need to accept that difficulties are going to happen. But we dont have to put up with the bad feelings and unhappiness that usually follows. Learn how we can be supremely patient in the face of adversity.

Week 5 Be Active. Our progress in leading a positive life depends entirely upon appropriate effort. It is said that with good effort we can acheive anything. Without effort we accomplish nothing. Learn how we can be sure our effort brings results.

Week 6 Be in Control. Most of the time our mind is like an uncontrolled baloon blown here and there by the winds of karma and delusion. Through training, our mind can become like a well trained horse that does what ever you wish it to do.

Week 7 Be wise. A wise person is always a happy person because wisdom is the basis for all peaceful experiences. Learn why, at the moment, it is difficult to sustain a peaceful mind and how by meditating on the true nature of reality we can come to experience a permanent cessation of negativty.

Meditation & Mental Health

07 Sept – Mental resilience

14 Sept – Unhelpful mental qualities

21 Sept – Helpful mental qualities

28 Sept – Controlling the triggers

05 Oct – Positive outlooks

19 Oct – Be yourself 

6 Steps to positive Living

2 Nov – Positive Living

9 Nov – Be Generous

16 Nov – Be Kind

23 Nov – Be Courageous (Cancelled – special event at HJC)

30 Nov – Be Active

7 Dec – Be in Control

14 Dec – Be Wise

The teacher of this class is Carol Sherrif. She has been studying on Foundation Programme at Heart Jewel centre for over four years. She has a wealth of experience and understanding to share and is skilled in making the teachings accessible and practical for everyone.

Old School House